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Written by Jonathan   
Sunday, 08 May 2011 22:03

Update: This event has been moved to Nashville, TN at the Asphalt Beach Skate Shop. All of the information below is still valid except location. Please refer to the APRR listserve for information about ride share.

For the first time in over ten years, the Skate Instructors Association is coming to Atlanta to deliver a Level 1 Skate Instructor Certification course. If you are a group skate leader, want to grow your own skating skills, or you just want to share your love of skating with others then this course is made for you. You'll learn how to teach the most crucial moves to to help new skaters roll with confidence in no time. By the end of the workshop you'll be able to teach:

  • V Walk and Basic Stride
  • Heel Stop or Toe Stop (Hockey stop for hockey coaches)
  • A Frame turn – both directions
  • Parallel turns – both directions
  • Spin Stops
  • Crossovers in a circle – both directions
  • Backwards skating – swizzles
  • Mohawk transitions – all directions


We only need four people to enroll to ensure this special event comes to Atlanta. If you'd like to add to your skating repertoire and help us grow the sport, then follow the link below for registration.

Skate Instructors Association Registration

Workshop Dates

The workshop will be held here in Atlanta on June 25-26th. When you register, you will receive access to the course materials. Also, class participants will be invited to a special Friday Night Skate on June 24th.


Cost for Level 1 Certification:

  • $250 per person and
    • excludes insurance, which is sold separately, typically about $75 per calendar year
    • excludes location fees. If this is required it will be shared by all the candidates
    • assumes examiner has been offered a couch surfing option
    • drops to $200 if you sign up for  certification in Seattle (Skate IA home base)
  • Potential candidates are required to become members of Skate IA prior to signing up for certification (Associate membership is $50)  Register
  • We require a minimum of four candidates at each certification
  • National Skate Patrol (NSP) candidates receive an additional discount with four or more candidates


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