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Grandstand 1999 10 K (Saturday, April 24)

Toeing The Start:
Toeing the start

And They're Off:
And they're off

On The Course:
On the course

Miguel Rounds The Corner:
Miguel rounds the corner

Corbett Gives Us The Sign:
Corbett gives us the sign

(Just) Hanging On Around the Corner:
(Just) hanging on around
the corner

Bill Takes It Around:
Bill takes it around

New Skates, Huh?:
New skates, huh?

Lisa, Standing Tall:
Lisa, standing tall

Cute Couple??:
Cute couple??

Miguel Fan Club:
Miguel fan club

Only Those With Medals Can Be In The Picture:
Only those with
medals can be in the picture

Any more good pictures? Please send 'em to scott@aprr.org.