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08/04/2003 Archived Entry: "Covington Century"

Our Covington Century
On Sunday - August 3, 2003

This year’s Covington Century was enjoyed by all eleven participants from APRR. “It was nice – It was comfortable,” Mims R. stated. Though he'd been around the Century block a couple times before, this year was his first 100 non-stop miles of the Covington event - peddled on his bike. The weather appeared looming, the air was indeed moist. But temperatures were pleasant in the upper 70’s. Where Erik M. was hard-pressed to get his act together, Bruce B. broke one of his cardinal biking sins. He was several minutes late to the event (no problems though, with his Ferrari of a bike, he more than made-up for lost time). After wanting to ride the event on his bike too, Erik had to quickly resort to the skating method. Teamed with Don S. and Bill G., the trio knocked-out fifty- with Erik coming in at a record time for himself. As usual, Nancy G. and Thomas P. did their own little thing, as did Jim M.

Arriving much later than Bruce (and far less worried) - - Lisa M., Chuck O., and Marc St. Pierre took to the scenic, rural roads after turning-in their registration forms, which were never completely read. No problems though, a big official on a big motorcycle kindly provided them the big details of what was written in big lettering about not being able to skate on the county’s roads in the presence of the big Newton County Sheriff. After joining up with Jim at one of the event’s water holes, Chuck blasted away like a hill-billy shotgun to hunt-down Erik and Bill. Afterwards, it was home-cooked eat'in time !!!

msp_080303_01 (16k image)
A group of most happy campers.
Heck, if they have their skates on – they’re always happy.
Marc, Lisa, Jim, and Chuck (in rear).

msp_080303_02 (16k image)
Lisa and Chuck - These two’ve-got-HILLABILITY !!!

msp_080303_03 (16k image)
Chuck sees everything as being Eddy Matzger chalk lines.

msp_080303_04 (16k image)
Chuck and Lisa drink-in the Newton County beauty.
There was one pretty scene after another throughout the event.

msp_080303_05 (16k image)
Lisa... we ALL know that you are hot and thirsty.
And we all KNOW... that the jug was just lying there.
But the sign says DON’T... snag the valuable water !

msp_080303_06 (16k image)
Jim makes the grand tour of downtown Mansfield.
He noticed that the town had two buildings and a railroad track.
Though the railroad track had some pretty tall grass growing over it.

msp_080303_07 (16k image)
“You-must-a-missed tha-turn several miles back that-a-way,”
Lisa hears him say. She pontificates if it’s even worth going that far back.
“The 100 mile route is only seven miles up ahead,” she reported.
“I think that’ll be quicker.”

msp_080303_08 (16k image)
Chuck thinks its funny that Marc St. Pierre darn near killed himself while
drafting behind Mark (in center) and his bicycle.
And then running bare-footed, with his injuries, the remaining mile and a half
to the finish area. While pacing above 28 mph, Marc’s frame unexpectedly
sheered completely off his skate boot - - completely destroying the boot,
itself. Before even being able to react or realize what was happening,
Marc had chest-dove toward the relentless asphalt - just missing the bicycle’s
rear tire along the way.
(Thanks Mark and Pierce for all the wonderful assistance, and thanks Nancy G.
and Thomas P. for the ride offer.)

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