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08/16/2003 Archived Entry: "Lap & Lei"

Bruce & Michele’s Lap & Lei
On Saturday – August 16, 2003

After laying Zoysia sod all morning, and pouting to myself that I was not lapping Stone Mountain on my skates instead, I finally decided that I’d had enough. I could at least go and say hello to my friends, and witness them laying around- while wearing lei’s, or perhaps lapping around the drinks table- while holding tall cups with tiny umbrellas stuck in them. So I dropped the wheelbarrow and drove all the way from Woodstock to Stone Mountain (imagine if you will the distance between LA and New York).

I ended up driving by the house several times, as I searched for a hodgepodge of parked cars. I then looked for the 1494 address on each mailbox. Well, this has to be it. I knew that it was now 2:00 PM, and I knew that I was slightly late for the 9:00 AM get-together, and I also knew that I had never printed-out the Evite sheet – but shoot, everybody’s already gone. Hey wait a minute, “There’s somebody inside,” I said to myself as I pressed into the bushes to peer through the dark windows. Michele came out after I had waved to her. “Oh hey Marc, what can I do for you?” – I apologized to her for being so late. Then a smile came across her face that stretched from one ear to the other. “Marc darling,… (continued smile)… It’s Tomorrow.”

The Evite address for the Lap & Lei, on Sunday, August 17, 2003, is as follows:

The contact phone number is as follows:
(770) 491-8394

msp_081603_01 (16k image)
(Photo by Michele R.) Marc was clueless as to where everyone was.

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