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08/17/2003 Archived Entry: "Bruce & Michele's Lap & Lei"

Skaterboy Bruce & His Woman Michele’s Lap & Lei Party
On Sunday – August 17, 2003
By Michele R.

This shin-dig started out as a mild-skate from Michele’s house in Tucker to Stone Mountain. With a few skaters, a couple of beautiful bikers, and perfect weather… we were off by 9:40am… and rolled back in before noon. It ended-up being a Hot pace! Then, the party really started !!!

Mark D. went to the kitchen, to create eatable platters of art; Bruce immediately hit the pool; and everyone else seemed to become either pre-occupied with the contents of the blender or what to do with 2-dozen ears of roasted corn. As burgers were being tossed on the grill, more and more people filled the already occupied deck. At one point, when Michele pushed for people to head to the pool next door, it was asked “…Are you trying to say that the maximum weight load on the deck is 30 skater butts?” Bet you can't guess who asked this ???

There was plenty of food (both vegan and non), lots of fruity drinks, time to chit-chat with folks you either knew or didn’t know, splashing in the pool, fun games, and even a birthday cake for Michele... Who now we all know - does not like to have her birthday celebrated… But we can say she’d had a positive life-changing event. Hey guys... Let’s do it again next year !!!

mlr_081703_01 (16k image)
(Photo by Michele R.) The male Skaters and beautiful women Bikers
who lapped Stone Mountain and then got leid.

msp_081703_02 (16k image)
You are blind if you don’t see Erik M. in this photo.
(Owen M. and Clowe M.).

mlr_081703_03 (16k image)
(Photo by Michele R.) Everything that Mark conjured up
was creative and artful.

msp_081703_04 (16k image)
We have all wondered what super-fashion model, Greg looks
like without his helmet on. You can read all about his similar
behind the scenes appearances in the tabloid magazines at
a grocery store check-out stand near you.

msp_081703_05 (16k image)
A very, very typical image of Michele & Tori.

msp_081703_06 (16k image)
Watch out Mark, Paul is tossing candy lei’s - -
and just like the aimless direction of Paul’s skating,
they’re going all over the place!
We had to be quick and on our toes to catch them!

msp_081703_07 (16k image)
Bruce demonstrates just how mean tasting his roasted
corn truly is. Although two dozen ears of corn lay siege
to the grill, it was by far not enough.

mlr_081703_08b (16k image)
(Photo by Michele R.) Michele’s deck continued to become
more and more crowded. There was not a soul on deck
that did not have a wonderful time. Thanks Bruce and Michele
for the successful gathering of old and new friends.

msp_081703_09 (16k image)
Mims reads the stringent rules for the up and coming games
portion of the party. After Bruce’s tasty pina’ coladas,
the enforcement of the rules became far more relaxed.

msp_081703_10 (16k image)
Michele demonstrates for us what Paul K’s sweet lei’s are all about.

msp_081703_11 (16k image)
Yong H. T. “on the deck.”

msp_081703_12 (16k image)
Bruce’s pina’ coladas seemed to be nothing but alcohol.
So Cindy offered to dilute them just a little with some ice to crush.
Mmmm….. now it’s perfect !!! The blender never the less had
lots of use throughout the event.

msp_081703_13 (16k image)
Mark is looking for his umbrella.

msp_081703_14 (16k image)
Jenny and Cindy retreat from Michele’s crowded deck to
find refuge at the neighbor’s house.

mlr_081703_15 (16k image)
(Photo perhaps by Mark) It was not formally announced until
much later in the party that it was actually Michele’s B-Day.
Happy Birthday Michele !!!

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