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08/26/2003 Archived Entry: "Monday Night - August 25, 2003"

Our Skate, Skate, Skate
On Monday Night – August 25, 2003

Where has August gone ??? I don’t know, but we’re already talking about Labor Day Weekend. That of course means the U.S. 10-K Classic! If you haven’t yet participated in this awesome, but challenging event, here’s the scoop: The thing to do is to NOT eat anything between now and Monday! WHY ??? Because at the end of the U.S. 10-K Race, you might as well have just skated into a Publics grocery store !!! This is EXACTLY what is offered to you! Basically an open, FREE-FOR-ALL grocery store in the White Water parking lot !!! And you think that you’ll NEED a massage from the cashier ??? There’s lots and lots of massage tables and masseurs and masseuses waiting for YOU !!! (Especially since the skaters arrive far PRIOR to the thousands of runners.) And you tell the bag-boy that you THINK you need to refresh your energies in some Hawaiian type waterfalls, California type waves, and Caribbean type pools ??? There’s the world of White Water at your TENDER FEET !!!

But August must still be here! ”It’s just a little bit humid for me,” stated Clayton L. Conversely, the tempo of Autumn must somehow be coming-on fast. “It’s getting dark early… The day seems to be shorter, but it still feels like June & July weather,” Chuck O. replied to Clayton, though continued - "it’s still so hot... What’s up with this?” With a normal big smile pasted on her face, Cindy S. called our attention to A2A, which is merlely on the other side of the calander page. (And if September is anything like August, the page will be quickly turned.) Cindy was very excited about what she had to say. And you should be too !!! For as little as $15, you can send a piece of your mind to a mentally unsound A2A skater. Without Paul Kennedy, Mark Day, or Carl C. around, Beth D. then snagged the golden leadership key. And a similar one was handed to David S. With Kristie K. tagging along for her second time, the brilliantly lit planet Mars once again made Beth and David's golden leadership keys glow more peachy: our adventures on the Atlanta streets became unlocked in the gleam of an excellent skate-night.

Last 30 miles of A2A This is a MUST DO if you’re wanting to participate in A2A !!!
Contact Brenda C. for add’l. information: www.bcarlton@sprynet.com

msp_082503_01 (16k image)
Following Beth on the group skate that she led.
We went here, there, and just about everywhere.
“How’s everyone feel?” she’d frequently ask.

msp_082503_02 (16k image)
Nancy’s a hoot !!!
Here she is talking on her cell phone, as she always does while skating real fast.
And she’s talking real loud, as she always does while talking on the cell phone.
– enough to get her point across fast to who ever is on the other end of the line.
So here she is talking to Frank, real loud and fast, as she skates past his house.
She’s telling him that he had better get his (…ass…) outside (…damm quick…)
– so that he can see her flying by.

msp_082503_03 (16k image)
The Krog Street Tunnel - Lisa & Mims.

msp_082503_04 (16k image)
Bill had just made a shotgun sprint down Woodward Ave.
Your guess is as good as mine that he’d like to do it again.

msp_082503_05b (16k image)
Taking a well deserved break at the GA Dome.
Beth had been pushing us pretty hard.
But the skate was far from over !!!

Sorry that I'm not able to provide any photos of the SEGWAY Scooter that several of APRR raced around the GA Dome pedestrian area. But the digital camera batteries had no where near the juice like that of the SEGWAY. The demonstraition to us of the SEGWAY, provided by Mike H., with the Ambassasor Force of Downtown Atlanta, was overly amaizing. So much so that many of us wanted to take off our skate boots and trade with him. "If I wore your Rollerblades, I'd fall," he said.

Mike was able to simultaneously go back and fourth without even holding onto the SEGWAY's handlebars. Moreover, he went briskly down the small hill beside the GA Dome - backwards, stopped instantly (and didn't even come close to falling), then simultaneously went forward. He then spun the vehicle around like two lovers dancing into the wee-hours of the morning. Out of disgust, we got sick watching him. Interestingly, he was as much interested in obtaining a hallogen helmet light (like the ones that many of us were wearing), as we were in obtaining the unique scooter that he had. "SEGWAY has a light that you can put on this thing - - but it costs too much," he blushed.

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