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09/08/2003 Archived Entry: "Wilson 60 - September 7, 2003"

Our Wilson 60
On Sunday Morning – September 7, 2003

“It was Great. It was very, very cool (in temperature). Got there, looked like rain. So it was a little worry some,” reported Jim M. “It never rained.”

“Yea,” continued Don S. “It was a nice race. It really was a beautiful day. Cool, no sunshine. I did 60 and Jim did 50.”

“There were 11, 12, 13 of us,” announced Mims R. “It was an extremely comfortable day. It was cool, and no clouds were on us, and no one got sunburned, or hot, or tired, or thirsty. It was probably the best supported SAG Century of the year.”

“As much Pizza as you wanted,” smiled Don. “The stops along the way had fruit, Moon Pies, crackers, trail mix, apples… … …”

I asked Jim if he was able to meet any women. “No,” he sighed. “Most of them were on bikes and it was hard to keep up with the bikers.” He didn’t even have any ‘dirt’ to provide to the weblog about any other APRR skaters. “No dirt about anyone,” he said quite candidly. “This is what’s great about the Wilson 100. It’s just smooth. The roads were great – but there was one section of gatorback on the 50.”

“It’s the same country as the Brooks Century & the Tour de Pike,” explained Mims. “They cross over the same stretches of road.”

Bill B also thought this year’s event was better than last year’s. “I wiped-out in the first mile and cracked a rib last year,” he wrote to me. “This year, I was just trying to keep up with Mims, Bruce, Sam, Brian, Bob, and Kimberly.”

But no one was perhaps more rewarded than Brian H and Sam F, who were both photographed by the AJC and placed within the paper’s website.

kw_030905b_01 (16k image)
(Photo provided by Kimberley W)
Left to right: Mims R, Keith C, Bruce B, Ken O,
Jim W, Gary W, Lisa B, Kimberley W, and Bob L

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Thanks to Jim M. Bosstone for not sharing the REAL DIRT on us!!

Posted by Lisa B. @ 09/10/2003 06:58 PM EDT

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