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09/11/2003 Archived Entry: "Our Michigan Friend - Jerry"

Our Michigan Friend
Correspondence September 11, 2003

Just wanted to drop a quick note and say how much I enjoy the APRR weblog.
I originally grew up in Georgia and most of my family still resides there. I
now live in rural Michigan and generally skate alone. The few other people
I know who skate think I am "too good" for them so don't really come out to
skate -- which I think is funny because while I have finished Northshore
Inline Marathon, it is usually just barely. If they knew most of you people
they would think you were nuts. (Of course your are, but that is beside the

Anyway, I discovered the APRR website a few years ago and sorta "adopted" it
because you seemed like such a likable group of people and I could at least
get to read about other people having fun. The Weblog has made it that much
more enjoyable because I enjoy being able to see the pictures. I realize it
is a lot of work, but there are some people out there who appreciate it. If
you ever skate at Duluth Northshore, maybe I'll say hello as that is the
one event I do every year (well I go every year at least -- this year's
skating doesn't look too promising.)

Again, thanks for the weblog.

Jerry P



I thank you dearly for your note. Not only is it uplifting and rewarding to
me, but the gist of what you say is inspirational to all of APRR. Our
loosely gathering of skaters cherish to learn about and to reach out to
others, such as yourself.

Quite simply, we are a gathering of individuals (of all types) who enjoy the
company of other people and love the adventures of being on inline skates.
If you are ever here in Atlanta, visiting with your family, and you skate
with APRR merely one time - then you, yourself, are an equal part of APRR!

(The residual of the email excluded)

Marc St. Pierre


I have no objections to you posting the e-mail as a comment. As for the
APRR digest, I do already get that -- it's sorta how I first really learned
about APRR and what a bunch of insane people you are (good insane of
course). Hopefully someday I will be in the Atlanta area and be able to skate
with the group. Unfortunately, I usually get home for the holidays and by
then I have already hung up my skates for the year (not easy skating on snow
and ice covered trails). I have already met a couple of the members of the
group -- Mark D and Bruce B -- at last years Duluth marathon. I have
also gotten a couple of APRR jerseys -- that way I can at least look good
while skating -- even if I ain't skating too well.


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