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09/24/2003 Archived Entry: "Wednesday Night - September 24, 2003"

Our Skate, Skate, Skate
On Wednesday Night – September 24, 2003
By Bill B.

So many wheels were rolling together as one. The momentum of spinning steel and polyurethane, and the gyroscopic inertia was so great, that I felt the Earth shift 90 degrees from our direction of rotation. It was the largest APRR Night Skate I've seen in “regular times." Paul K led the entire group on a skate that will be the route for this Friday's A2A Social Skate, which will be leaving from Skate Escape at 7:00 PM, sharp! There were hundreds of us rolling through Atlanta. By "us," I mean wheels. I would guess there were at least 50 or more skaters who skated in one big group.

APRR’s current Zephyr inline tour guide, Deborah D, flew in from out of town for the 38-mile A2D, and brought along two of her Atlanta friends, Cheryl and Helen. She had met them on a Zephyr multi-sport event in Lake Tahoe Zephyr Adventures. Deborah now lives in Red Lodge, Montana (population 2,876 – “and a great place to come home to.”) So far she's guided six tours, recent ones being in Switzerland and Lake Tahoe. Deb then said to us, “For 2004, I'm most excited about guiding our multi-sport tour in Burgundy, France (Mmmm, wine country) and an all-hiking trip in Glacier National Park."

Ya, Deborah gets around. Speaking of getting around, when we asked her about her current love life, all she would say was "no comment." That means it’s either a 1 or a 10 on the Love-O-Meter. She doesn’t get to skate very often while living in her small town, since there are not too many skateable places. But she has been doing a good bit of snowboarding and mountain biking. Hmmm, she may be on to something - since she recently finished the Northshore Marathon in 1:35!

Also: Caroline B has moved back to Atlanta from NYC for good. Hopefully Miguel will be moving back soon as well. They are both skating A2A, and will both add a lot of speed to our APRR group. Skaters Jeff and Heather showed up with somebody new… Really new... As in only-been-around-for-a-few-months new... As in their adorable little girl, Madeline!

Oh, and Joel S from Cali (Southern California) was with us tonight too.

DD_030924_01 (16k image)
(Photo provided by Deborah D)
AP file photo of Deborah practicing shenanigans.

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