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09/29/2003 Archived Entry: "A2A - Friday Night Skate, September 26, 2003 (Part 1)"

Our A2A Skating Adventure
On Friday Night, September 26, 2003

(A2A's Friday Night Skate - Part 1)

Last year - there were three of us.
- And then there was this man.
There were three of us who
- Were taken to the hospital.
And then there was this man,
- Who knew that he had made
For the three of us the totally killer
- Margaritas.

There were the three of us who had
- Skated 87 miles in last yearís A2A.
And then there was this man,
- Who was also with us this year.
But this year, I remembered all about
- This manís most killer Margaritas.
And when this same man, Donn B,
- Offered to me some Margaritas,
My taste buds wanted exactly that,
- But my heart and soul declined.

Donn has been with A2A since perhaps
- The beginning of A2A time.
And next to his super-powerfully generated,
- Exclusively solar equipped,
Fully customized mobile home trailer,
- Donn, last year, had quite gleefully
Made for the three of us margaritas,
- that had the exact same amount of
Electrified umph!!!

I can not assure to anyone that last yearís
- A2A Packet Stuffing Party turned
Donnís Margarita drinking contest
- Was the catalyst that sent the three of us
A couple days later to the hospital,
- at the end of A2A.
But I CAN assure to all of you that this man,
- who is of course from Texas,
Makes the absolute best,
- the most totally pungent,
And the all-time best tasting
- Margaritas - in all of this world !!!

msp_030926_01 (16k image)
Donn at Willy's Mexican Restaurant,
after the A2A - Friday Night Skate

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