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10/05/2003 Archived Entry: "A2A Friday Night Skate, September 26, 2003 (Part 3)"

Our A2A Skating Adventure
On Friday Night, September 26, 2003

(A2A's Friday Night Skate - Part 3)

msp_030926_20 (16k image)
Brenda C’s daughter, Kelly

msp_030926_21 (16k image)
I asked Joel S to show APRR a skating
technique of some sort that is commonly
seen in the Los Angles area.
(Bill C in background)

msp_030926_22 (16k image)
A macroscopic view of Los Angles style skating,
properly demonstrated on Marietta Street by
APRR’s current Woodland Hills, CA resident, Joel.

msp_030926_23 (16k image)
Chris M, a “Texas Flyer” from Burleson, Texas,
records a glob of skaters oozing their way onto
Edgewood Ave, in the Atlanta Five Points area.

msp_030926_24 (16k image)
TNT’s Arimboh A, who is originally from Camroon,
but now resides in Maryland, gets APRR’s Ms. Pretty
Award for bridal contestants who are to become
married to 38 miles of A2D on Sunday morning.

msp_030926_25 (16k image)
Lisa B, Barrie H, Blake L, and Elizabeth B alongside
Edgewood Ave, in the Atlanta Five Points area.

msp_030926_26 (16k image)
Bromley B from Roswell, GA, and Shike O. from Atlanta.

msp_030926_27 (16k image)
I was talking with TNT’s princess, Vicki M, from
Detroit, Michigan when APRR’s Jenni X blasted
by me. I looked to see what the bullet was once
I noticed the blue streak of Jenni’s tank-top, now
way up the street. It had to be her. I quickly
wrapped-up my conversation with Vicki – bolted
away from her – and bolted up the Edgewood Ave
hill toward Jenni.

msp_030926_28 (16k image)
Paula B-P skating up Edgewood Ave.

msp_030926_29 (16k image)
Dirk R, from Fulda, Germany pulling Sarah up
the Edgewood Ave hill, with Jenny R in the
background. I've twice been to Fulda over
the past five years, and let me tell you
- - IT’S BEAUTIFUL there!!!

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