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10/07/2003 Archived Entry: "Group Photograph - October 7, 2003"

A question asked by APRR to Marc St. Pierre.: What's the group photo for?

Marc's Answer: The Group Photograph will eventually be placed on the APRR web site Home Page.

The photograph will be offered to all of APRR in an 8x10 size, and will cost $15 - which is my cost to produce the print.

There will also be a matted version of the print, as well as perhaps a framed version. The costs of these have not yet been determined, as I have yet to select the mat, which will most likely be black, cotton rag mat. The frame will most likely be black and wooden.

Last year's image is totally beautiful. The problem is, is that I never got around to distributing last years image. However, last year's image will be offered to APRR in conjunction with this year's image.

The photograph will be made through my 6x7 film camera, and studio lighting will be used. And similar to last year's image, the result should be outstanding.

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