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Our Sunday Sleeper's Skate
On Sunday Afternoon - October 5, 2003
By Chuck O.

Sunday afternoon came around, and it was now time to go skating. After having gotten up early all season to beat the summer’s heat, and having been up so early last week for A2A, I found it nice to be able to finally sleep in. But I’m still wanting to skate… so I discovered the perfect solution: The Sunday Sleeper’s Skate.

While some brave (masochistic) souls were up early this Sunday morning (to travel way down south to skate the Moreland Bike Ride), I slept in… but I still skated. Six of APRR plus a former Washington DC skater were in bed while other APRR were traveling way down south. Although we were still asleep, each of us were dreaming of skating, but not until the crack of noon. Aahhh - yes, sleep in! The taste of a brunch – how civilized ! Catch the morning news and emails – why of course! And THEN do a skate!

We met at Piedmont Park, and then ventured out for a 15-mile skate. The seven of us headed toward Avondale Estates. Jethro J, Ann S, Stephanie R, Jim M, Jay C, John M (who had just moved to Gainesville, GA from North Carolina – though had lived in the Washington DC area before that), and I took the all too familiar roads of A2A. Finally, we found ourselves stopping at the Gazebo Clock, at the corner of N. Avondale and Clarendon roads.

Our pace?… a blistering speed of 7.5 mph. This day was perfect for skating. Yes, I was thankful to the skate gods for this day of leisure.

After the Sunday Sleeper’s Skate, it was a quick trip to Piedmont Park’s pool/bathhouse for a free photo exhibition, in which Debbie Y (Jay M’s wife) was working. Ok, anyone agree with me that a photo exhibition in a bathhouse seems just a little voyeuristic? Then it was off to Willy’s Mexican Restaurant to grub. We talked about how great this was. A social skate: no speed – just good folks and good fun (cue-up the beer commercial !). And we spoke about how we need to do this again.

Sooooo… check your emails soon for a possible Sunday Sleeper’s Skate. No rush, just simple fun on skates!

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