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10/14/2003 Archived Entry: "Sunday Sleeper's Skate - October 12, 2003"

Our Sunday Sleeper’s Skate
On Sunday Morning – October 12, 2003
By Chuck O.

So, it's become Sunday morning and I finally get up, make my coffee and fix my bagel, and then turn on the news. The TV said that the weather is once again BEAUTIFUL!!! As always, today is a good day to be a skater!!!

A little after 9:00 AM, I get a phone call from someone asking if the Sunday Sleeper’s Skate was still on. "Why yes!!!," I reply to the phone. After hanging up, I thought to myself, "With a gorgeous day like this, it would be a sin not to skate."

At the parking lot at Piedmont Park, I found Mims R. warming up and Mark D lacing up. Renee, Stephanie R, and Jim (Quiggy) M arrived shortly after. The Sunday Sleeper’s Skate was all set, well, after a cell phone call by Ken O and a last minute pull-into the lot by Jethro J. This week's route took us through the city, where we saw the normal “night views” in the daylight. We headed out of Piedmont Park through the 12th Street entrance, skated along an empty Peachtree Street, and ended up in Centennial Park. There, a “patio style” lunch was being setup on the Bricks, and a stage was being put into place for a band. (This was being done to attract more people to the downtown area... so bring your skates!) Meanwhile, Stephanie was hard at work – soliciting for sponsors for next year's A2A. You go girl !!!

Now off to Ga Tech. We made our way up Marietta Street to the University and stopped at its Student Center for the all important necessities (you all know what I mean). As we gathered outside the building, soaking up the sun's rays and deciding on the skate’s next leg, Jethro reminded us of the re-opening of a nearby Krispy-Kreme donut shop. Yep, you got it - we quickly arrived at the Krispy-Kreme with Jethro having lead us there like a bloodhound on a fox’s scent. Ah yes, doughnuts & coffee, and let's not forget the cute little Krispy-Kreme hats. All this was even nicer than sleeping.

We loaded up on Krispy-Kreme carbos & caffeine, and discussed the many different ways that the restaurant’s glass wall could be otherwise used. (It was not just us men who were so dirty minded.) But for all you chefs out there, we also made use of the glass wall to watch the new donut stove at work. After about a 20-minute Krispy-Kreme layover (now meaning our stomachs with respect to our waist line), we hit the road for the last leg of the skate. We headed toward Piedmont Park, took-in the scenic neighborhoods, and then skated onto Piedmont Ave. After all the Krispy-Kreme sugar and coffee, we were now wide awake - and found ourselves skating at screaming speeds, all the way up to Monroe Drive.

We made a quick turn onto Monroe, skated lazily onto Orme Circle, and meandered into the Park. While each of us was in a various stage of gear removal, along came the Sunday Spanky Skater’s group – with Bob L, Caroline B, and Elizabeth D. Both triple “S” groups discussed the pleasures of each one’s adventure. But to get rid of our own group’s still remaining donut feeling, the majority of us headed to Willy’s Mexican restaurant to put our churning stomachs to ease.

Yep, a GREAT day for skating!!!

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