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11/03/2003 Archived Entry: "Lisa's Pumpkin Carving Party - October 26, 2003"

Our Lisa’s Pumpkin Carving Party
On October 26, 2003

I’m crazy to have not gotten there on time. I was not only late - I arrived when everyone else was leaving. “Oh, Marc’s here,” I heard someone’s voice exclaim. But to no avail, I had to guess no one would care. They were all “pumpkined-out.” (I met the mass of people at the fence gate. They were trying to push themselves out as I was trying to force my way in – you know, like you and I do on a commuter train or at an elevator.) But not Lisa. She was no where near tired of making beautiful faces. “You’re just in time,” she said.

msp_031026_01 (16k image)
Pumpkins by Paula B-P and Carl C.
The pumpkin on the right is named
“Mr. Sam F” under a kind & enduring
auspice of love & affection.

msp_031026_02 (16k image)
A second look at “Mr. Sam F.”

msp_031026_03 (16k image)
Two creators of love & affection.
(Paula B-P & Carl C)

msp_031026_03b (16k image)
(Photo by Lisa M)

msp_031026_04 (16k image)
Creators of some GREAT Pumpkins
(Chuck O, Stephanie R, Jim M, and Jethro J)

msp_031026_05 (16k image)
"Mr. You're A Very Sad Pumpkin," by Jim M.

msp_031026_05b (16k image)
(Photo by Lisa M)
Jim & "Mr. You're a Very Sad Pumpkin."

msp_031026_06 <BR>(16k image)
“Mr. Perfectly Happy,” by Jethro J.

msp_031026_07 (16k image)
“Mr. Owl Have No-Comment,” by Elizabeth D.

msp_031026_08 (16k image)
"Mr. O’My’Gosh,” by Wendy H (from CNN)
and “Mr. Elated,” by Stephanie R

msp_031026_09 (16k image)
“Mr. Bonehead,” by Chuck O.

msp_031026_10 (16k image)
“Mr. Scared E. Crow,” by Lisa M.

msp_031026_11(16k image)
“Mr. Happy To Be Pregnant,” by Meg B.

msp_031026_12 (16k image)
“Mr Frick, Mr. Frack, and Mr. Frolick,” by
Elizabeth D, Lisa M, and Marc Sk8 Pierre

msp_031026_13 (16k image)
Lisa M during post party relaxation.

msp_031026_14 (16k image)

msp_031026_15 (16k image)

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