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11/05/2003 Archived Entry: "Zunday zleeper zkate (Zzz) - November 2, 2003"

Our Zunday zleeper zkate (Zzz)
On Sunday Morning - November 2, 2003
By Chuck O

We had a record turnout for the Zzz.

Even after putting my skates on to elevate myself, I could not count so high. I kept counting heads and there just seemed to be so many. Either the weather was so pretty today, or everyone knew that the pretty weather will become more limited, or perhaps everyone is still recovering from Halloween parties – and want to go “easy” with their Sunday morning coffee and donuts.

With so many people, I won’t list all the names, because I know I’ll forget someone. And in APRR, everyone’s important. We had some very loyal Zzz skaters with us, some APRR skaters who were new to the Zzz, and even two skaters who were new to APRR. (Elizabeth D’s roommate – Kelly, and Dewey P’s girlfriend – Elena) WOO HOO, the recruiting to the Zzz cult begins!

After all the introductions in the Piedmont Park Parking Lot, we eased our way to the first of three coffee stops. Caribou Coffee, at Piedmont & Monroe, was the first. While getting the morning “Cup O’ Joe,” we lazily talked about our direction of migration, and where our massive herd should head. Up through Morningside we went, taking residential roads that I have no clue of how we got to.

“Turn Right…”
“Turn Left…”
…I heard lots of turning directions being yelled-out, up the lines.

We saw a yard sale off to the side of our path and decided to do some bargain hunting. Our shopping paid-off too, since Mark D found a K2 snowboard (with carrying bag) for a mere $10. Now, he was skating with us with his new purchase in tow. But after 5 minutes of skating with the cumbersome device, he decided this was both unwise and uncomfortable. He set-out to drop-off his purchase, and we set-off to drop-in to Little Five Points. We ordered more coffee and water, and waited for Mark to rejoin us.

Once all collected together and coffeed-up, we skated down Euclid Ave to Edgewood, and gathered at the Mitchell Fountain. Pretty waterfall/fountain! I could lose an entire day just listening to it and watching its water cascade down its front. But there was yet a better prize waiting for us…


We made our way over to the Krispy Kreme Doughnuts on Ponce de Leon. With all the energy we expended so far, we sure replaced it with free samples –hot off the belts– and two dozen doughnuts purchased for our delights.

P.S. Extended forecast looks good for next week too!

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