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11/10/2003 Archived Entry: "Zunday zleeper zkate (Zzz) - November 9, 2003 (Part IV of IV)"

Our Zunday zleeper zkate (Zzz)
On Sunday Afternoon - November 9, 2003
(Photography contained in this entry, and in the previous two entries.)

msp_031109_31 (16k image)
Nancy & the West Peachtree Street telephone pole.

msp_031109_32 (16k image)
Bill found the Krispy Kreme Doughnuts !!!

msp_031109_33 (16k image)
And so did Donald…

msp_031109_34 (16k image)
And so did Aaron…

msp_031109_35 (16k image)
And David found me in the bushes!

msp_031109_36 (16k image)
And this is what the Zzz’s all about!!!

msp_031109_37 (16k image)
Marc Sk8 Pierre and Jennifer H offer-up some delicious
doughnut delights.

msp_031109_38 (16k image)
As if we were a slew of Harley Davidson Motorcycles - -
Na, we like who we are!

msp_031109_39 (16k image)
In Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and quite relaxed.
(Bill, Nancy, Jim, Aaron, Jay, Chuck, and Donald)

msp_031109_40 (16k image)
A dozen Krispy Kreme’s posing for the Weblog-cam.
Be sure to check-out the “Welcome Back” sign!
(front row, left to right) Bill B, Chuck O, Jethro J,
Nancy G.
(back row, left to right) Paul H, Jay M, Renee W,
David L, Donald S, Jim M, Aaron K, Jennifer H.

msp_031109_41 (16k image)
Midtown’s residential district. A beautiful place to live!
(Jay, Chuck, and Jethro in the lead)

msp_031109_42 (16k image)
The souvenir cup of coffee is but one of several
we’ve had this afternoon. None of us could get enough!

msp_031109_43 (16k image)
Back at Piedmont Park, we saw lots and lots of skating

Here, at Willy’s Mexican Restaurant, Mamie’s beau is
Jonathan K. He had his first skating lesson with Paul K
of Bohemian Skate School, immediately prior to drinking
a pitcher of margaritas with this cutest blond in town –
being Mamie. Also present with the two were APRR's
Mike B & his lady, APRR skater Kristie K – who had circled
Piedmont Park with Mamie until they got tired of doing
laps. Then they began to fly kites with their skates on.

msp_031109_44 (16k image)
Marek G “doin’-tha’-cone-thang” in Piedmont Park!

msp_031109_45 (16k image)
Mark C’s son, Stephen, in Piedmont Park.

msp_031109_45b (16k image)
Stephen in Piedmont Park (Image II).

msp_031109_46 (16k image)
Greg T says hello to us from Piedmont Park.
(Mims R, Stephen C, and Mark C in background)

msp_031109_47 (16k image)
Jenny R showing how it's done, in Piedmont Park.

msp_031109_48 (16k image)
Jenny R in Piedmont Park (Image II).

msp_031109_49 (16k image)
Unveiled – Nancy G “the Flower Girl.”
"This was so nice for me," she said at this moment.
"This was exactly what I needed."

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