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11/10/2003 Archived Entry: "Zunday zleeper zkate (Zzz) - November 9, 2003 (Part III of IV)"

Our Zunday zleeper zkate (Zzz)
On Sunday Afternoon - November 9, 2003
(Photography contained in this entry, in the previous entry, and in the following entry.)

msp_031109_16 (16k image)
everyone on the other side of the pretty fountain, so
they would not be back-lit by the powerful sun.

“You’all not suppoz’ ta’ be in this Park with skatz’ on.
No skatz’ in the Park. Gotta’ be off da’ bricks and outa’
da Park,” the mean, young, non-skating, bicycle riding
lady, who had some sort of official looking patch on her
chest, said to our friendly, multi-aged, skating and
bicycle riding group, that has some sort of official love
within our chests.

So what the hell, I took the pic on the opposite side of
the fountain from her.

(front row, left to right) Jennifer H, Bill B, Chuck O, Nancy G,
Renee W, and Bob L.
(back row, left to right) Donald S, David L, Aaron K, Jethro J,
Jay M, and Jim M.
(very back and practically standing in the gushing water
fountain) Paul H.

msp_031109_17 (16k image)
Donald & Chuck talk about women and the weather.
Jennifer & Bill in far background.

msp_031109_18 (16k image)
I've been waiting for a long time to get an outstanding
and unique photo of Paul. So here he is posing for the
camera. “You just want-a’ see me crash,” he said with
a big grin - but embarrassed.

“Na, Paul - - I’d never dreamt of that !”

msp_031109_20 (16k image)
Renee heading to the next coffee stop.

msp_031109_21 (16k image)
Paul H at Georgia Tech.

msp_031109_22 (16k image)
Chuck O in the GT Student Center.
“Why the body armor?,” I asked.
“Can’t ya’ tell I’m wearing my new super short 10” frames!”

msp_031109_23 (16k image)
Jay M in the GT Student Center.

msp_031109_24 (16k image)
Renee W in the GT Student Center.

msp_031109_25 (16k image)
Donald & Nancy showing Jim some love.
(GT Student Center)

msp_031109_26 (16k image)
Marc & Aaron.
(Bill, Jennifer, and Jethro in background)

msp_031109_27 (16k image)
Jennifer H at Georgia Tech.

msp_031109_29 (16k image)
Bill B at GT.

msp_031109_30 (16k image)
Marc & Renee at GT.

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