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11/10/2003 Archived Entry: "Zunday zleeper zkate (Zzz) - November 9, 2003 (Part II of IV)"

Our Zunday zleeper zkate (Zzz)
On Sunday Afternoon - November 9, 2003
(Photography contained in this entry, and in the following two entries.)

msp_031109_01 (16k image)
Buzzing under the bright blue sky about the baking
business, and being boisterous about being back for
a big batch of freshly baked bijoux and brewed
beverages – how bittersweet our blather about black
beans and burly blends of flower and dough – only to
blossom in our bloating bellies… Benevolent !!!

msp_031109_02 (16k image)
Jethro momentarily joined the Bohemian Skate School.
Where Paul & Cindy normally charge by the hour, Jethro
wanted to save the majority of his quarters for the
delights to come. Delane (in purple) is taking instruction
from the Bohemians, but she's also taken delight in a
good friendship with Jethro.

msp_031109_03 (16k image)
Jethro said to me: “lets skate, skate, skate over to Skate
Escape.” That’s where we to join-up with the other Zzz'ers.

msp_031109_04 (16k image)
The Skate Escape toy store.
Bill's nosey about good deals on wheels.
(Bill M & Jennifer H, Jethro J & Donald S, and Nancy G)

msp_031109_05 (16k image)
Marc Sk8 Pierre’s newest friend, Bailey W.
She came into the toy store to get a new brake for
her skate. “I’m goin’ to join a skating league here in
Atlanta,” she very happily said to me. “They meet
every week and do a lot of skating, in a circuit I think.”

I became excited too.

“Yea, they meet at the Carter Center,” she continued.

“Do they meet on Monday & Wednesday nights???,”
I asked her.

“I’m not sure. I’ll have to look at their website.
But I want-ta’ be there.”

“Be sure to check-out their Weblog,” I said to her as we
scrambled out of the store - - it was high-time for coffee!
(For the rest of the day, I was sick all the way to my soul
that I didn’t invite her to come along with us. - -
I would've kept her in my pocket!)

msp_031109_06 (16k image)
Bill & Jennifer were still in the toy store. And so was
Paul H and I. Everyone else had long since been gone.
We knew they went to Caribou, but which one? There
were two of them, equidistant from us, and in opposite
directions. Paul and I went to the one we thought
they’d be at, but they weren’t there. So we then went
the distance to the other one. They weren’t there either.
We headed back to the first, and I then remembered
that I had no wallet. Paul continued on to the first
Caribou, and I detoured into Piedmont Park to retrieve
some donut $$$.

Finally, I was back at the first Caribou, but no one else
was. Well, except for Bob L, who was surprisingly not on
his skates or in a fixed-up Porsche, but mounted on his
equally fast bike.

Pictured: Bob at a fairly good speed, heading up
Peachtree Street. He and I soon caught up to the other

msp_031109_07 (16k image)
Pulling Nancy up one of the many long hills on
Peachtree Street.

msp_031109_08 (16k image)
A dozen or so glazed-over Zzz’ers on Peachtree Street.

msp_031109_09 (16k image)
David L soaking up the sun, drinking up the coffee, and
skating up Peachtree Street.

msp_031109_10 (16k image)
Aaron was having the time of his life. Skating is a blast...
but the Zzz is nothing but Awesome!

msp_031109_11 (16k image)
Time for a refill !!!
(Jennifer H)

msp_031109_12 (16k image)
Renee W & Bob L (just ahead of her on his bike), and
all the others (just ahead of Bob) – on Peachtree Street,
heading into a tranquil downtown Atlanta.

msp_031109_13 (16k image)
Paul H, Jennifer H, and Donald S (just ahead) –
on Peachtree Street, in downtown Atlanta.

msp_031109_14 (16k image)
A little R&R on the Zzz at Haidy Ivy Park.
(Jay M, Jethro J, and Nancy G)

msp_031109_15 (16k image)
Jim M, Renee W, and Donald S (in front left); Paul H
on his bike down the stairs; Jay M, Aaron K, Jethro J,
and Nancy G (sitting); Bob L on his bike (not going
down ANY stairs).

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