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Our Zunday zleeper zkate (Zzz)
On Sunday Afternoon - November 9, 2003
By Chuck O

(Photography contained in the three entries following this one.)

Autumn is in the air and skaters were everywhere. The sun was shining and the afternoon was beautiful. But with a slight chill in the air, more than one person was uncertain how to dress for this doughnut excursion. (We found the answer in skating with a warm coffee in our hands.) The normal Zkate core was dressed and ready to go – Chuck O, J3 (Jay M, Jethro J & Jim M) and beautiful Renee W. David L returned to the street from his slumber and always kept his coffee within drinking distance. He’s been associated with A2A for as long as I can remember (well Ok, 1998 was my first A2A), but I’ve never seen him on skates until this year. We were quite happy to have him tag along and join the wonderful and relaxed Zocial Zkating atmosphere of the now popular Zzz. Also with us were Bill B, the ever lovely Jennifer H, and Marc Sk8 Pierre (may God forgive Jennifer for skipping out of church early - please). Nancy G and Don S joined the Zzz for their first time; but most importantly, Aaron K was with us. Aaron was a recruit from our Halloween bar-to-bar skate. We had met him at the Yacht Club, but not until now did he recognize that the skates on our feet were actually a part of our every day lives.

Once Nancy was ready to go, we changed our itinerary and made Skate Escape our first priority. We needed parts more than coffee. It was there that Aaron found us and joined in. Now we needed coffee, so the next stop was Caribou Coffee, on 10th & Piedmont – just up the hill. While relaxed in the Caribou, we explained the purpose of this unique skating experience to the newcomers. Nancy became excited and was ready to skate, skate, skate. Nancy – this is not a skate: it’s a Zkate! (She eventually changed her tunes after the doughnuts.)

Twenty minutes easily slipped by us while in the Caribou. With a new caffeine fix, we were off and skating before we knew it. Paul H and Bob L then joined our quest, but were on their bikes. Our new bearing was Centennial Park, and its water fountains. Once there, we tried to set up for one of Marc Sk8 Pierre’s group photos, but we were sternly reminded by a City official on a bicycle that skaters are not allowed in the Park itself, but only on the surrounding roads - - NUTS !!! So Marc snapped our picture at a second choice location (on the side of the fountain opposite the City official). We let some of the skaters catch their breath & drink-in the beautiful water fountains, and we caught-up with each other on the most current scoops.

From Centennial Park, we meandered over to the Student Center, on the Georgia Tech Grounds, for a multi-use rest. On the Zzz – there is always lots of rest. So we rested. And we started talking about doughnuts. Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. The next stop: MMMmmmmmm DOUGHNUTS !!! After a while, off we go – shooting back to Peachtree Street and onto Ponce De Leon, with a purpose now in our stride: DOUGHNUTS !!!

While en route, we did have an unfortunate incident with some kids. "Bruiser" Don had to actually physically encourage one of the kids out of his way – thankfully no one was hurt. But all this was forgotten once we came within the wonderful sent of doughnuts – doughnuts in the crisp autumn air. Remember our Nancy? The one who’s always ready to skate, skate, skate? Well, after a half-hour stop at Krispy Kreme, eating doughnuts and drinking coffee, she finally knew what the Zkate was all about. Although it's she who's the psychologist, we suddenly were able to see deep inside her. “Leaving already? – I just got comfortable!!!,” she said.

Yea, we have another convert.

From the doughnut shop, it was back to the Park, and then to Willy’s for lunch – not wanting the day’s event’s to be finished yet. And because today was so, overly beautiful, we ran into several of our skater friends. We call them our friends, but they’re yet to become part of our Zkate cult.

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