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12/20/2003 Archived Entry: "Zunday zleeper zkate (Zzz) - November 16, 2003"

Our Zunday zleeper zkate (Zzz)
On Sunday – November 16, 2003
By Chuck O.

“A Summer Treat”

Well, apparently the second "z" was over-emphasized by me, when I rolled out of bed and into my zleepy skates, and forgot to wake my helmet up. So our zig-zagging back for my helmet helped to determine today's Zzz route.

Today was a balmy day that brought back memories of summer, and made those wearing pants feel overdressed. So with only six of us today - - Erickson, Jim C, Stephanie R., Renee W (she’s up for the Attendance Award !), John M, and myself (frightened without my head armor) - - we at first headed off to our see our new Caribou friends at Piedmont & Monroe to help us woe our needed caffeine fix. From there, it was to my place in the Morningside area and to my zleeping helmet. (Wake Up Helmet – you shouldn’t of overslept!!!)

With Jim commenting that he had to be at the Manuel’s Tavern area (Highland and Freedom Parkway) to watch his niece play soccer, we took a sinuous route to get there. Then, I had an inspired moment. What goes best with a balmy, summer-like day, like today? Ice cream! Of course!!! With a commanding decision, I announced that we head to Jake’s Ice Cream for our sit-down break. (Renee was all-over today’s SIT DOWN theory after having a long Saturday night of stand-up fun.) We got our ice cream, malts, and coffee, and sat out on the place’s back porch, which was already setup for our i’z zream party. Well, it seemed that way with a long, vacant coffee table and seats already setup for us. What a summer-like treat today has been! Oops, my i’z zream’s ztartin’ to melt.

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