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01/07/2004 Archived Entry: "New Years Eve - December 30, 2003-January 1, 2004"

Our Skate Into The New Year
On Wednesday Night – December 30, 2003 thru
Thursday Morning – January 1, 2004!

A number of APRR gathered at the Carter Center to bring in a tradition – skate to Underground Atlanta, watch the Peach drop, consume lots of beer, and watch yourself fall. This year, Ken O devised a plan. We were to gather as a usual Wednesday Night Skate, per our usual 8:30 PM time. We’d skate for a while and regroup at 10:30. Head to Underground, watch the Peach drop, and then make our way back to the Carter Center, via whatever bar was to get in our way. What actually transpired this night… no one really knows.

msp_031230_01 (16k image)
Uwe is nothing more than a gentle snowman to
all of APRR, but he's most definitely abominable
toward all other, competitive skaters. APRR can
melt in his arms: the other, competitive skaters
melt at his feet.

msp_031230_02 (16k image)
Equipment check at Park Street and Monroe.
“Anyone got ahh’ 5mm wrench?,” Tomas P asks.
Tom S merely had curiosity, but lent a helping
hand anyway.

msp_031230_03 (16k image)
Midtown Atlanta per view of the Weblog camera.
(We set up for a group photo here, but, well, um…
dead batteries.)

msp_031230_04 (16k image)
Official inauguration of the 17th Street Bridge.
Tom S in front
George W , Thomas P, Ken O, Lisa M, Mark D,
Keith, ???, Chuck O, Jim M
Uwe in back

msp_031230_05 (16k image)
(photo by Tom S) I can’t quite remember the name
of this bar, off Peachtree Street. I’ll attempt to return
to this line once I determine where it was that we were.
But the bar maid was most kind, and wished all of us a
most wonderful and safe New Year. We made time for
one more drink before heading up Peachtree Street and
toward the dropping Peach.
(George, Keith, Ken, Mark, Chuck, Jim, Marc)

msp_031230_06 (16k image)
(photo by Tom S) APRR skating its way
through hoards of people at Underground
Atlanta, just prior to the New Year.
(Tom, Keith, George, Ken)

msp_031230_07 (16k image)
(photo by Tom S) More of APRR
(Marc, Jim, Keith, George, Ken to right)

msp_031230_08 (16k image)
(photo by Tom S) Final moments of 2003.
We were already drunk.
(Tom, Marc, Jim, and Mark in background)

msp_031230_09 (16k image)
(Photo by Tom S) Keith and Tom counting
down to 2004 at Underground.

msp_031230_10 (16k image)
(Photo by Tom S) The dropping of the Peach.
And it went FAST !!!

msp_031230_11 (16k image)
(photo by Tom S)

msp_031230_12 (16k image)
With a bottle of bubbly open,
APRR brought in 2004!

msp_031230_13 (16k image)
(photo by Tom S)
Marc and his new friend exchanging
some early 2004 kisses.

msp_031230_14b (16k image)
(photo by Tom S)
Although we were already drunk,
it was now time to start drinking.

msp_031230_15 (16k image)
(photo by Tom S)
After lots of bubbly,
Chuck understands everything A-O-K.
(Mark D to left)

msp_031230_16 (16k image)
(photo by Tom S)
Conserving table space at Hooters
– making room for good things to come.

msp_031230_17 (16k image)
(photo by Tom S)
The smile that melted our hearts, filled our eyes,
and baffled our brains.

msp_031230_18 (16k image)
(photo by some drunk)
Group Photo!!!

msp_031230_19 (16k image)
(photo by Tom S)
It really was a wonderful night!
Chuck (in front), Mark, Anne, Jim

msp_031230_20 (16k image)
(photo by Tom S)
… and Lisa came by to rescue us guys from Hooters!…

msp_031230_21 (16k image)
(Photo by Tom S)
Mark and a stolen kiss from some guy’s girlfriend.

msp_031230_22 (16k image)
(photo by Tom S)
Keith and Marc trying to survive the Urban Jungle.

msp_031230_23 (16k image)
(photo by Tom S)
Saved from Grace...
These two angels were like pilots,
and flew us to Heaven.
(Lisa & Elizabeth)

msp_031230_24 (16k image)
(photo by Tom S)
The late night flight to Heaven.

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