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01/08/2004 Archived Entry: "Peach Bowl Parade - January 2, 2004"

Our Skate in the Peach Bowl Parade
On Friday - January 2, 2004
(Part 1 of 2)

Images only for right now.

msp_0401021_01b (16k image)
Paula BP and Carole R

msp_040102_02 (16k image)
Russell B

msp_040102_03 (16k image)
Carole R, Cindy S, Chuck O, Stephanie R, Marc Sk8 Pierre,
Paul K, Laurie K, Russell B, Paula BP, Donald S, and Mark D

msp_040102_04 (16k image)

msp_040102_05 (16k image)

msp_040102_06 (16k image)

msp_040102_07 (16k image)

msp_040102_08 (16k image)
University of Tennessee - Knoxville (UTK) marching band

msp_040102_09 (16k image)

msp_040102_10 (16k image)

msp_040102_11 (16k image)

msp_040102_12 (16k image)

msp_040102_13 (16k image)

msp_040102_14(16k image)

msp_040102_15 (16k image)

msp_040102_16 (16k image)
Some angels

msp_040102_17(16k image)

msp_040102_18 (16k image)
Russell & wife, Laurie

msp_040102_19 (16k image)
The Receiving of Marching Orders

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