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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Our Skate, Skate, Hash
On Saturday Afternoon – April 16, 2006

Rick S had been excited about his Hash for months.


And Barb J must have been well within the loop.

She was excited too!

She showed-up wearing pretty Springtime clothes
and matching psychedelic pink lipstick – a shade
which showcased her normally sized abnormally
large smile – the one that was worn all the way
to MARTA to hand-out tokens, as if a homeless
entrepreneur. And Bill C & Cindy S were there
too. We seldom see these two around the Carter
Cntr parking lot any more, but say ‘Hash!’ and
you can bank on them turning into a skating

However, we became slightly concerned over our
Chuck-O. We had already known he lives for the
Hash-Thing, but to witness massive froth flowing
from his mouth, stemmed from an inert desire to
hunt-down and over-take a Hare – like occurs to
my pet dog when sighting a squirrel – well, the
phenomena is something in itself to experience.
Kind of like Mark D wearing chaps on Halloween
or Scott J wearing a shiny skinsuit on an ordinary
NSP skate.

Originating at the Carter Cntr, the Hash looped
through Piedmont Park to Patricia F’s house. The
live chase swung into Midtown and wound-up at
a MARTA train station (where you had to actually
get on one of its smelly and always late trains).
And somehow, we ended up at Greg T’s beautifully
remodeled Candler Park/L5Ps house, where we
suddenly had quite a relaxing time thereafter.

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