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Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Our Zunday zleeper zkate (Zzz)
On Sunday Afternoon - November 9, 2003
By Chuck O

(Photography contained in the three entries following this one.)

Autumn is in the air and skaters were everywhere. The sun was shining and the afternoon was beautiful. But with a slight chill in the air, more than one person was uncertain how to dress for this doughnut excursion. (We found the answer in skating with a warm coffee in our hands.) The normal Zkate core was dressed and ready to go – Chuck O, J3 (Jay M, Jethro J & Jim M) and beautiful Renee W. David L returned to the street from his slumber and always kept his coffee within drinking distance. He’s been associated with A2A for as long as I can remember (well Ok, 1998 was my first A2A), but I’ve never seen him on skates until this year. We were quite happy to have him tag along and join the wonderful and relaxed Zocial Zkating atmosphere of the now popular Zzz. Also with us were Bill B, the ever lovely Jennifer H, and Marc Sk8 Pierre (may God forgive Jennifer for skipping out of church early - please). Nancy G and Don S joined the Zzz for their first time; but most importantly, Aaron K was with us. Aaron was a recruit from our Halloween bar-to-bar skate. We had met him at the Yacht Club, but not until now did he recognize that the skates on our feet were actually a part of our every day lives.

Once Nancy was ready to go, we changed our itinerary and made Skate Escape our first priority. We needed parts more than coffee. It was there that Aaron found us and joined in. Now we needed coffee, so the next stop was Caribou Coffee, on 10th & Piedmont – just up the hill. While relaxed in the Caribou, we explained the purpose of this unique skating experience to the newcomers. Nancy became excited and was ready to skate, skate, skate. Nancy – this is not a skate: it’s a Zkate! (She eventually changed her tunes after the doughnuts.)

Twenty minutes easily slipped by us while in the Caribou. With a new caffeine fix, we were off and skating before we knew it. Paul H and Bob L then joined our quest, but were on their bikes. Our new bearing was Centennial Park, and its water fountains. Once there, we tried to set up for one of Marc Sk8 Pierre’s group photos, but we were sternly reminded by a City official on a bicycle that skaters are not allowed in the Park itself, but only on the surrounding roads - - NUTS !!! So Marc snapped our picture at a second choice location (on the side of the fountain opposite the City official). We let some of the skaters catch their breath & drink-in the beautiful water fountains, and we caught-up with each other on the most current scoops.

From Centennial Park, we meandered over to the Student Center, on the Georgia Tech Grounds, for a multi-use rest. On the Zzz – there is always lots of rest. So we rested. And we started talking about doughnuts. Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. The next stop: MMMmmmmmm DOUGHNUTS !!! After a while, off we go – shooting back to Peachtree Street and onto Ponce De Leon, with a purpose now in our stride: DOUGHNUTS !!!

While en route, we did have an unfortunate incident with some kids. "Bruiser" Don had to actually physically encourage one of the kids out of his way – thankfully no one was hurt. But all this was forgotten once we came within the wonderful sent of doughnuts – doughnuts in the crisp autumn air. Remember our Nancy? The one who’s always ready to skate, skate, skate? Well, after a half-hour stop at Krispy Kreme, eating doughnuts and drinking coffee, she finally knew what the Zkate was all about. Although it's she who's the psychologist, we suddenly were able to see deep inside her. “Leaving already? – I just got comfortable!!!,” she said.

Yea, we have another convert.

From the doughnut shop, it was back to the Park, and then to Willy’s for lunch – not wanting the day’s event’s to be finished yet. And because today was so, overly beautiful, we ran into several of our skater friends. We call them our friends, but they’re yet to become part of our Zkate cult.

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Monday, November 10, 2003

Our Zunday zleeper zkate (Zzz)
On Sunday Afternoon - November 9, 2003
(Photography contained in this entry, and in the following two entries.)

msp_031109_01 (16k image)
Buzzing under the bright blue sky about the baking
business, and being boisterous about being back for
a big batch of freshly baked bijoux and brewed
beverages – how bittersweet our blather about black
beans and burly blends of flower and dough – only to
blossom in our bloating bellies… Benevolent !!!

msp_031109_02 (16k image)
Jethro momentarily joined the Bohemian Skate School.
Where Paul & Cindy normally charge by the hour, Jethro
wanted to save the majority of his quarters for the
delights to come. Delane (in purple) is taking instruction
from the Bohemians, but she's also taken delight in a
good friendship with Jethro.

msp_031109_03 (16k image)
Jethro said to me: “lets skate, skate, skate over to Skate
Escape.” That’s where we to join-up with the other Zzz'ers.

msp_031109_04 (16k image)
The Skate Escape toy store.
Bill's nosey about good deals on wheels.
(Bill M & Jennifer H, Jethro J & Donald S, and Nancy G)

msp_031109_05 (16k image)
Marc Sk8 Pierre’s newest friend, Bailey W.
She came into the toy store to get a new brake for
her skate. “I’m goin’ to join a skating league here in
Atlanta,” she very happily said to me. “They meet
every week and do a lot of skating, in a circuit I think.”

I became excited too.

“Yea, they meet at the Carter Center,” she continued.

“Do they meet on Monday & Wednesday nights???,”
I asked her.

“I’m not sure. I’ll have to look at their website.
But I want-ta’ be there.”

“Be sure to check-out their Weblog,” I said to her as we
scrambled out of the store - - it was high-time for coffee!
(For the rest of the day, I was sick all the way to my soul
that I didn’t invite her to come along with us. - -
I would've kept her in my pocket!)

msp_031109_06 (16k image)
Bill & Jennifer were still in the toy store. And so was
Paul H and I. Everyone else had long since been gone.
We knew they went to Caribou, but which one? There
were two of them, equidistant from us, and in opposite
directions. Paul and I went to the one we thought
they’d be at, but they weren’t there. So we then went
the distance to the other one. They weren’t there either.
We headed back to the first, and I then remembered
that I had no wallet. Paul continued on to the first
Caribou, and I detoured into Piedmont Park to retrieve
some donut $$$.

Finally, I was back at the first Caribou, but no one else
was. Well, except for Bob L, who was surprisingly not on
his skates or in a fixed-up Porsche, but mounted on his
equally fast bike.

Pictured: Bob at a fairly good speed, heading up
Peachtree Street. He and I soon caught up to the other

msp_031109_07 (16k image)
Pulling Nancy up one of the many long hills on
Peachtree Street.

msp_031109_08 (16k image)
A dozen or so glazed-over Zzz’ers on Peachtree Street.

msp_031109_09 (16k image)
David L soaking up the sun, drinking up the coffee, and
skating up Peachtree Street.

msp_031109_10 (16k image)
Aaron was having the time of his life. Skating is a blast...
but the Zzz is nothing but Awesome!

msp_031109_11 (16k image)
Time for a refill !!!
(Jennifer H)

msp_031109_12 (16k image)
Renee W & Bob L (just ahead of her on his bike), and
all the others (just ahead of Bob) – on Peachtree Street,
heading into a tranquil downtown Atlanta.

msp_031109_13 (16k image)
Paul H, Jennifer H, and Donald S (just ahead) –
on Peachtree Street, in downtown Atlanta.

msp_031109_14 (16k image)
A little R&R on the Zzz at Haidy Ivy Park.
(Jay M, Jethro J, and Nancy G)

msp_031109_15 (16k image)
Jim M, Renee W, and Donald S (in front left); Paul H
on his bike down the stairs; Jay M, Aaron K, Jethro J,
and Nancy G (sitting); Bob L on his bike (not going
down ANY stairs).

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Our Zunday zleeper zkate (Zzz)
On Sunday Afternoon - November 9, 2003
(Photography contained in this entry, in the previous entry, and in the following entry.)

msp_031109_16 (16k image)
everyone on the other side of the pretty fountain, so
they would not be back-lit by the powerful sun.

“You’all not suppoz’ ta’ be in this Park with skatz’ on.
No skatz’ in the Park. Gotta’ be off da’ bricks and outa’
da Park,” the mean, young, non-skating, bicycle riding
lady, who had some sort of official looking patch on her
chest, said to our friendly, multi-aged, skating and
bicycle riding group, that has some sort of official love
within our chests.

So what the hell, I took the pic on the opposite side of
the fountain from her.

(front row, left to right) Jennifer H, Bill B, Chuck O, Nancy G,
Renee W, and Bob L.
(back row, left to right) Donald S, David L, Aaron K, Jethro J,
Jay M, and Jim M.
(very back and practically standing in the gushing water
fountain) Paul H.

msp_031109_17 (16k image)
Donald & Chuck talk about women and the weather.
Jennifer & Bill in far background.

msp_031109_18 (16k image)
I've been waiting for a long time to get an outstanding
and unique photo of Paul. So here he is posing for the
camera. “You just want-a’ see me crash,” he said with
a big grin - but embarrassed.

“Na, Paul - - I’d never dreamt of that !”

msp_031109_20 (16k image)
Renee heading to the next coffee stop.

msp_031109_21 (16k image)
Paul H at Georgia Tech.

msp_031109_22 (16k image)
Chuck O in the GT Student Center.
“Why the body armor?,” I asked.
“Can’t ya’ tell I’m wearing my new super short 10” frames!”

msp_031109_23 (16k image)
Jay M in the GT Student Center.

msp_031109_24 (16k image)
Renee W in the GT Student Center.

msp_031109_25 (16k image)
Donald & Nancy showing Jim some love.
(GT Student Center)

msp_031109_26 (16k image)
Marc & Aaron.
(Bill, Jennifer, and Jethro in background)

msp_031109_27 (16k image)
Jennifer H at Georgia Tech.

msp_031109_29 (16k image)
Bill B at GT.

msp_031109_30 (16k image)
Marc & Renee at GT.

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Our Zunday zleeper zkate (Zzz)
On Sunday Afternoon - November 9, 2003
(Photography contained in this entry, and in the previous two entries.)

msp_031109_31 (16k image)
Nancy & the West Peachtree Street telephone pole.

msp_031109_32 (16k image)
Bill found the Krispy Kreme Doughnuts !!!

msp_031109_33 (16k image)
And so did Donald…

msp_031109_34 (16k image)
And so did Aaron…

msp_031109_35 (16k image)
And David found me in the bushes!

msp_031109_36 (16k image)
And this is what the Zzz’s all about!!!

msp_031109_37 (16k image)
Marc Sk8 Pierre and Jennifer H offer-up some delicious
doughnut delights.

msp_031109_38 (16k image)
As if we were a slew of Harley Davidson Motorcycles - -
Na, we like who we are!

msp_031109_39 (16k image)
In Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and quite relaxed.
(Bill, Nancy, Jim, Aaron, Jay, Chuck, and Donald)

msp_031109_40 (16k image)
A dozen Krispy Kreme’s posing for the Weblog-cam.
Be sure to check-out the “Welcome Back” sign!
(front row, left to right) Bill B, Chuck O, Jethro J,
Nancy G.
(back row, left to right) Paul H, Jay M, Renee W,
David L, Donald S, Jim M, Aaron K, Jennifer H.

msp_031109_41 (16k image)
Midtown’s residential district. A beautiful place to live!
(Jay, Chuck, and Jethro in the lead)

msp_031109_42 (16k image)
The souvenir cup of coffee is but one of several
we’ve had this afternoon. None of us could get enough!

msp_031109_43 (16k image)
Back at Piedmont Park, we saw lots and lots of skating

Here, at Willy’s Mexican Restaurant, Mamie’s beau is
Jonathan K. He had his first skating lesson with Paul K
of Bohemian Skate School, immediately prior to drinking
a pitcher of margaritas with this cutest blond in town –
being Mamie. Also present with the two were APRR's
Mike B & his lady, APRR skater Kristie K – who had circled
Piedmont Park with Mamie until they got tired of doing
laps. Then they began to fly kites with their skates on.

msp_031109_44 (16k image)
Marek G “doin’-tha’-cone-thang” in Piedmont Park!

msp_031109_45 (16k image)
Mark C’s son, Stephen, in Piedmont Park.

msp_031109_45b (16k image)
Stephen in Piedmont Park (Image II).

msp_031109_46 (16k image)
Greg T says hello to us from Piedmont Park.
(Mims R, Stephen C, and Mark C in background)

msp_031109_47 (16k image)
Jenny R showing how it's done, in Piedmont Park.

msp_031109_48 (16k image)
Jenny R in Piedmont Park (Image II).

msp_031109_49 (16k image)
Unveiled – Nancy G “the Flower Girl.”
"This was so nice for me," she said at this moment.
"This was exactly what I needed."

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Wednesday, November 5, 2003

Our Zunday zleeper zkate (Zzz)
On Sunday Morning - November 2, 2003
By Chuck O

We had a record turnout for the Zzz.

Even after putting my skates on to elevate myself, I could not count so high. I kept counting heads and there just seemed to be so many. Either the weather was so pretty today, or everyone knew that the pretty weather will become more limited, or perhaps everyone is still recovering from Halloween parties – and want to go “easy” with their Sunday morning coffee and donuts.

With so many people, I won’t list all the names, because I know I’ll forget someone. And in APRR, everyone’s important. We had some very loyal Zzz skaters with us, some APRR skaters who were new to the Zzz, and even two skaters who were new to APRR. (Elizabeth D’s roommate – Kelly, and Dewey P’s girlfriend – Elena) WOO HOO, the recruiting to the Zzz cult begins!

After all the introductions in the Piedmont Park Parking Lot, we eased our way to the first of three coffee stops. Caribou Coffee, at Piedmont & Monroe, was the first. While getting the morning “Cup O’ Joe,” we lazily talked about our direction of migration, and where our massive herd should head. Up through Morningside we went, taking residential roads that I have no clue of how we got to.

“Turn Right…”
“Turn Left…”
…I heard lots of turning directions being yelled-out, up the lines.

We saw a yard sale off to the side of our path and decided to do some bargain hunting. Our shopping paid-off too, since Mark D found a K2 snowboard (with carrying bag) for a mere $10. Now, he was skating with us with his new purchase in tow. But after 5 minutes of skating with the cumbersome device, he decided this was both unwise and uncomfortable. He set-out to drop-off his purchase, and we set-off to drop-in to Little Five Points. We ordered more coffee and water, and waited for Mark to rejoin us.

Once all collected together and coffeed-up, we skated down Euclid Ave to Edgewood, and gathered at the Mitchell Fountain. Pretty waterfall/fountain! I could lose an entire day just listening to it and watching its water cascade down its front. But there was yet a better prize waiting for us…


We made our way over to the Krispy Kreme Doughnuts on Ponce de Leon. With all the energy we expended so far, we sure replaced it with free samples –hot off the belts– and two dozen doughnuts purchased for our delights.

P.S. Extended forecast looks good for next week too!

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AK-13D_5.0_Black (16k image)


AK-13D_5.0_Gray (16k image)


AK-13D_5.0_Tan (16k image)


AK-13D_5.0_Red (16k image)


AK-13D_5.0_Purple (16k image)

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Monday, November 3, 2003

Our Halloween Skate, Skate, oops, geez-watch-out, put your hands in your own pocket, Skate
On A Beautiful Halloween Night – October 31, 2003

Tonight was pretty simple. We were to wear a costume, wear our skates, and bring lots of beer $$$.
Then, it was simply a matter of being able to find the entrance to the next Little Five Points or Virginia Highlands bar – provided we could find the street.

msp_031031_01 (16k image)
Tigeress, Jennifer H at Moe’s & Joe’s

msp_031031_02 (16k image)
Jennifer H.

msp_031031_03 (16k image)
Our mainstay Cat In The Hat, Jethro J.
Dr. Seuss would have been Perrrr..oud.

msp_031031_04 (16k image)
Donald S just “clowning around.”
He’s good at this.

msp_031031_05 (16k image)
Cowboy Mark D & his pussy cat.

msp_031031_07 (16k image)
Renee W is a total Hoot!
I love this bag of bones dearly.

msp_031031_08 (16k image)
Nothing needs to be said about Jim “scare me to death” M.
I’m too frightened to write about him.
I'd prefer watching "Scarry Movie 3" again.

msp_031031_09 (16k image)
You’d think this is Lisa M.
But you’re not supposed to know.
Because - she’s an illusion to us.
I finally saw her and fell in love.
But she told me I was experiencing
A mirage.

msp_031031_10 (16k image)

msp_031031_11 (16k image)
Bob L was horny all night.
Then he met this guy - -
And it got REAL bad.
He didn’t even charge for
the juicy lap dance.

msp_031031_12 (16k image)
Group Photo “A” at Moe’s & Joe’s, Virginia Highlands
(front row, left to right) Mark R, Elizabeth D, Renee W.
(second row) Lisa M, Jim M, Mark D, Jethro J, David L
(back row) Chuck O, Donald S, Bob L.

msp_031031_13 (16k image)
Group Photo “B” at Moe’s & Joe’s, Virginia Highlands
(front row, left to right) Mark R, Elizabeth D, Renee W, David L.
(second row) Lisa M, Mark D, Jethro J, David L
(back row) Bill B, Jim M, Donald S, Bob L.

msp_031031_14 (16k image)
Group Photo “C” at Moe’s & Joe’s, Virginia Highlands
(front row, left to right) Mark R, Lisa M, Mark D,
Elizabeth D, Renee W, David L, Bruce B.
(back row) Bill B, Jim M, Bob L, Donald S.

msp_031031_15 (16k image)
Lisa & Bob

msp_031031_16 (16k image)
BOOTY SHOT !!! !!! !!!
(Mark & Bob)

msp_031031_17 (16k image)
Bill B

msp_031031_18 (16k image)
Bruce made it no more than 10 feet outside the Dark Horse Tavern
when he smacked-into the street. Perhaps his shoelace was untied.
Perhaps he was too.

msp_031031_19 (16k image)
Jennifer thought it was hilarious that an angel
was chasing her tiger’s ass.

msp_031031_20 (16k image)
Bruce & Chuck O wouldn’t stop until the fat lady sang.

msp_031031_21 (16k image)
The tigeress strutting her stuff at Atkins Park.
Be forewarned you single men!

msp_031031_22 (16k image)

msp_031031_23 (16k image)
The chef and the lady with the spinning head.

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Our Lisa’s Pumpkin Carving Party
On October 26, 2003

I’m crazy to have not gotten there on time. I was not only late - I arrived when everyone else was leaving. “Oh, Marc’s here,” I heard someone’s voice exclaim. But to no avail, I had to guess no one would care. They were all “pumpkined-out.” (I met the mass of people at the fence gate. They were trying to push themselves out as I was trying to force my way in – you know, like you and I do on a commuter train or at an elevator.) But not Lisa. She was no where near tired of making beautiful faces. “You’re just in time,” she said.

msp_031026_01 (16k image)
Pumpkins by Paula B-P and Carl C.
The pumpkin on the right is named
“Mr. Sam F” under a kind & enduring
auspice of love & affection.

msp_031026_02 (16k image)
A second look at “Mr. Sam F.”

msp_031026_03 (16k image)
Two creators of love & affection.
(Paula B-P & Carl C)

msp_031026_03b (16k image)
(Photo by Lisa M)

msp_031026_04 (16k image)
Creators of some GREAT Pumpkins
(Chuck O, Stephanie R, Jim M, and Jethro J)

msp_031026_05 (16k image)
"Mr. You're A Very Sad Pumpkin," by Jim M.

msp_031026_05b (16k image)
(Photo by Lisa M)
Jim & "Mr. You're a Very Sad Pumpkin."

msp_031026_06 <BR>(16k image)
“Mr. Perfectly Happy,” by Jethro J.

msp_031026_07 (16k image)
“Mr. Owl Have No-Comment,” by Elizabeth D.

msp_031026_08 (16k image)
"Mr. O’My’Gosh,” by Wendy H (from CNN)
and “Mr. Elated,” by Stephanie R

msp_031026_09 (16k image)
“Mr. Bonehead,” by Chuck O.

msp_031026_10 (16k image)
“Mr. Scared E. Crow,” by Lisa M.

msp_031026_11(16k image)
“Mr. Happy To Be Pregnant,” by Meg B.

msp_031026_12 (16k image)
“Mr Frick, Mr. Frack, and Mr. Frolick,” by
Elizabeth D, Lisa M, and Marc Sk8 Pierre

msp_031026_13 (16k image)
Lisa M during post party relaxation.

msp_031026_14 (16k image)

msp_031026_15 (16k image)

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